Computing allocations for COSMIC² users

As a science gateway, COSMIC2 will provide all users with a small amount of free computing time. After this free tier of computing is used up, users will have two choices:

  1. Apply to COSMIC2 for additional computing time
  2. Apply to XSEDE for additional computing time via Startup or XRAC allocations

Where does COSMIC² get computing time?

Computing time on SDSC is provided through grants from the NSF and is distributed to scientists via XSEDE, the network of supercomputers across the United States. In order to provide users with free computing time, COSMIC² applies for XSEDE computing allocations annually. This means we are using job usage statistics to request more computing (if needed).

Initial computing allocations for COSMIC² users

For all users of the COSMIC2 gateway, they can use up to 60 hours.

Gaining access to additional computing

Once a user has used their allotted 500 GPU-hours, they can apply to COSMIC2 for more time or apply for their own XSEDE allocation. Please read about each process for more information.