Known issues

The following are known issues (& workarounds) related to using the COSMIC² gateway:

Uploading directories of micrographs

7/30/19 BUG: In order to upload directories of micrographs you CANNOT select individual files in a given directory. First, create a star file for the micrographs as described here. After creating this file, navigate to the Globus upload/download page.  Instead of selecting all individual files in the given directory, you must select the directory without expanding the selection to show all files within the directory.

For example, a select such as this works for upload:

Whereas a selection like this does not work: [it uploads each file as an individual entry into the data page instead of just a STAR file]:

We are working to fix this.

“Error: unable to access XSEDE comet storage”‘

5/29/19 – This will show up the first time you try to transfer data using Globus. You can ignore this as the transfer will work and the error will go away.