Pilot program: Super-user access on COSMIC²

In addition to allowing users access to cryoEM software through our web interface, we are piloting a COSMIC² super-user program.

Key features of super-user program:

  • Access to COSMIC2 cryoEM software installations & job submission guides
    • Utilize same software environment as the COSMIC² science gateway for job submission
  • Direct command-line access to job submission to SDSC Expanse 
    • Log into the supercomputer to access software directly
  • Submit jobs as a part of COSMIC2 compute allocation
    • Instead of applying for your own XSEDE credits, you can use COSMIC2 computing allocation

We are accepting users and laboratories interested in being considered for super-user access. Please submit the form below and we will respond within 48 hours. Questions? Email us at cosmic2support@umich.edu.