New tools added: LocBfactor, LocSpiral, LocOccupancy

We have added new 3D volume enhancement tools to COSMIC²:

  • LocSpiral
  • LocBfactor
  • LocBfactor Estimation
  • LocOccupancy


S. Kaur, J. Gomez-Blanco, A. Khalifa, S. Adinarayanan, R. Sanchez-Garcia, D. Wrapp, J. S. McLellan, K. H. Bui, J. Vargas, Local computational methods to improve the interpretability and analysis of cryo-EM maps. bioRxiv

These tools provide local sharpened, which helps to have a consistent sharpening across a given 3D reconstruction. For example, typically there are flexible regions in a reconstruction that require different filters + B-factor sharpening in order to visualize for model building. These tools allow users to have different sharpening values for different areas of the map.

As an example, here is an example from the print highlighting the improvement of map density for  Spike protein:

Try it out! Please send questions or comments to

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