Option #1 (Preferred): Apply for allocation from NSF XSEDE

For users based in the United States, you are able to apply for XSEDE Startup or XRAC computing allocations. Read more here. This can obtain up to hundreds of thousands of CPU-hours for free if your application is approved.

Option #2: COSMIC² community computing allocation supplement

For users who 1) do not have time to apply for XSEDE Startup or XRAC or 2) are not based in the United States, COSMIC² has a system in place to review applications for computing allocation supplements.

Please fill out the form below and you will hear back within 48 hours regarding your application.

As a part of the supplement request form, we ask that users provide a detailed report justifying why they need more computing time. In the application document, we expect the following information. Please note that we do NOT need to know anything about your sample or biological question that you are trying to answer.

  • Justification about what the initial allocation went towards. Questions to consider:
    • Why do you need more time?
    • What structures / analyses did you complete with your initial allocation and why aren’t they enough to obtain individual XSEDE allocations?
  • Evidence of sample analysis working
    • This needs to include FSC curves and euler angle distribution
    •  Dataset size – particle number, box size
  • Additional amount requested
    • For additional computing time requested, we expect a layout of number of structures required and expected run times.
    • For these calculations, we would like the requested amount of time in GPU-hours. This means if you are running a single job for 3 hours on 4 GPUs, then this job would require 12 GPU-hours.