Why am I directed to Globus when I try to log in?

We are using Globus for user authentication and data upload. As a leading expert in big data movement, Globus will make data uploads to COSMIC² very easy,  handling terabytes without an issue.

Globus also offers an authentication system, which will direct users into the Globus platform, which will then direct users to identity providers. This is a secure process that only tells Globus whether or not you successfully entered your password with your identity provider.

Read more about accessing Globus here.

Is it secure to use my university username & password to log into COSMIC²?

COSMIC² utilizes Globus for user authentication. This means that Globus will connect users to their identity provider (e.g. University) for logging onto the gateway. This means that neither COSMIC2 nor Globus will ‘see’ your password, instead, we just get the ‘Go Ahead’ from your external account. You can read more about Globus security here.

To learn more about Globus integration into COSMIC2, read our PEARC 2017 publication.